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Lasers are widely used in skin management using wavelength, light pulse and light absorption generate results.  Intense Pulse Light treatment is different to laser as it uses a wider spectrum of wavelengths, light energy and has a wider pulse width to provide more effective results. Laser treatment can deliver one wavelength at a time whereas super intense pulse light is able to provide thousands of wavelengths. If you are looking to permanently remove or reduce hair, have Rosacea, eczema scarring or pigmentation or want a complete rejuvenation of the skin, Super Intensive Pulse Light therapy is an excellent option.

Hair removal and reduction is the most common use of our Super Intense Pulse Light procedure. The procedure treats thousands to hair follicles with each pulse instead of targeting individual follicles (like electrolysis).  As the super intense pulse light treatment targets a wider area, the treatment is more effective and faster for larger areas including the back, legs, chest and arms.  This is also a superior treatment for the chin, upper lip, under arms and bikini line as it minimises discomfort whilst maximising results.

The treatment also reduces the occurrences of skin pigmentation, ingrown hairs and vascular marks. Vascular treatments are also provided for reducing redness in the skin or including the visible effects of rosacea. The light therapy targets the haemoglobin in the vessels and coagulates the vessels. Disappearance of the unwanted vessels and lesions is usually immediate. Repeat treatments are often necessary for patients with rosacea.

Photo rejuvenation is also a treatment using the super intense pulse light equipment. Some skin experiences “skin staining” where clusters of pigmentation form on the surface of the skin. The photo rejuvenation treatment is excellent for this staining as well as pigmented spots, freckles and sun damaged skin, acne scarring or refinement of the skin.

Photo Rejuvenation treatments improves the signs of aging, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and irregular pigmentation resulting in rejuvenated skin. This is an excellent alternative to chemical or laser peels and the recovery is much faster. It can be used safely on the face, neck, arms, legs, chest and shoulders.

Super Intense Pulse Light treatment is a painless procedure that can treat excessive hair, skin discolouration and reddening of the skin. It is an innovation and improvement from the laser and chemical treatments previously used.

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