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Red/purple veins and broken capillaries is a common concern for new clients of Skin Management. Diathermy is a recognised procedure that can reduce the appearance and help remove the veins and capillaries that cause the reddening of the skin. Diathermy is a non-surgical procedure that uses electrically induced heat to warm veins and capillaries to reduce their visible effects on the outer-skin layer.


There can be many causes of these damaged capillaries … sun exposure, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. In some cases, fine skin texture or “thin skin” may cause the skin to take on a purple or red discolouration.


Diathermy is an advanced technique that uses the heat to coagulate the veins beneath the skin surface. This method heats the small veins via a handheld unit which causes the tiny vessels to break down and be absorbed by the body. This absorption lessens the veins and capillaries visible from the skin’s surface and therefore reduces the reddish/purple appearance of the skin.


The procedure is non-surgical and has little, if no pain associated with it. The procedures can be safely conducted on the face, hands, arms, décolletage and legs.

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