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Cellulite treatments are also provided at Skin Management. There is no total cure for cellulite, Skin Management has the most effective procedure to provide a more toned look and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This treatment is called the Dermasonic™ method. The Dermasonic™ method targets the subcutaneous fat layer resulting in fibrosis breakage. This disperses the fat tissue and promotes lymphatic drainage. The cellulite becomes less visible and results in a firmer, more toned look to the skin.


The Dermasonic™ method is a two stage process. The first step is where ultrasonic waves are used to penetrate the skin creating fibrosis breakage, stimulating blood circulation and literally softening fat deposits. This step takes only 30 minutes in an hour long procedure. The second step of the Dermasonic™ method is the dispersion of the fat deposits, elongation of connective tissue and the promotion of lymphatic drainage. Skin Management uses specialised vibratory and suction techniques to provide the best results.


A standard treatment lasts an hour and results are usually visible results after the first procedure. Some clients also note that their body shape and contouring is improved after the procedures with some losing a few centimetres from their frame. This combined with a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite has made the Dermasonic™ method a very common choice of treatment for cellulite.



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