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Irena Morgenstern

img_clinic.jpgResponsible for the running of all production and professional development aspects of the company. In addition, negotiates all sales and marketing issues, promoting, organizing and sourcing cutting edge procedures pertinent to the Beauty Therapy industry.

In the past 22 years Irena has managed and run various salons and for the last 10 years owned The Morgenstern Group Pty Ltd. Irena is a specialist in Colour Implant Procedures and her experience extends to specializing in advanced treatments such as Diathermy, Laser, Skin Peeling and Dermosonic body work.

During this period the clinic has won numerous awards for outstanding work in Aesthetics, the most recent being the DMK Australian Clinic of the Year 2006 for excellence in Aesthetics.

Irena has established a salon of excellence which is recognized in Brisbane as being very professional, profitable and results orientated.

Phil Morgenstern

ist1_2762561_bar_pie_chart[1].jpgResponsible for the development and implementation of systems and procedures within the company. Phil manages and co-ordinates human resources, financial and budget allocation for the day to day running of the company.

Phil develops short and long term goals consistent with market needs and trends, he investigates market opportunities, assessing risk and returns and working closely with accountants, solicitors and various industry bodies.

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